Our founders, Anna and Jeremy, were on the infertility journey for 8 years. They have been together for 18 years and happily married for 10. They have walked through it all: Clomid rounds, IUIs, IVF retrievals, IVF transfers, infertility surgeries, biopsies, Eastern Medicine, Western Medicine, and a 5-week miscarriage. Their last IVF transfer worked and they are now raising their miracle baby!

As serial entrepreneurs in food and hospitality, Anna and Jeremy began sharing their infertility experience and struggles with their Instagram family. They have built an amazing community of infertility WARRIORS fighting their own battles while leaning on each other. They realized the power of a positive community which motivated them to start The Cozy Warrior.

Anna and Jeremy struggled in silence for 5 years and decided to openly share their story 4 years ago. Infertility is becoming more common now, and yet it is a conversation that most people don’t know how to have. They hope that in bravely sharing their story, it will help others feel less alone and encourage them to do the same. Infertility can be a scary road, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely one.

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