Our Top 5 IVF TIPS

DISCLAIMER: We are not healthcare professionals, but this is what we believe contributed to our success. Many factors play a part in improving fertility health such as stress level, diet, lifestyle, exercise, etc, but this is what worked for us after doing a ton of research and talking to different doctors!


Tip # 1
Improve Your Physical Health

Exercise, eat healthy (gluten and dairy free if possible), try acupuncture, and get enough sleep. Don’t rely solely on science – change your habits so you can lead a healthier lifestyle. We know eating healthy can be a challenge especially during the holiday season, and we will share our favorite gluten and dairy free recipes in another email soon!


Tip # 2
Improve Your Mental Health
Meditate, do fertility yoga, unplug from social media, get a massage, get outside, go for a walk, watch comedy, and practice self care. I like using a guided meditation program as well as visualization techniques to ease anxiety and stress.


Tip # 3
Take the right supplements.
Which Fertility Vitamins & Supplements Did We Take? Blog Entry
I also recommend reading It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett & Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler as these books helped me understand my reproductive system and what supplements I should take & why.


Tip # 4
Don't go at it alone!
Reaching out for help can take a lot of courage, but we encourage taking steps towards being open about your journey as that’s how you start the healing process and navigate through. We recommend joining a support group to connect with other warriors in the community which can be so empowering and comforting on an isolating journey.


Tip # 5
Switch doctors if yours isn't working for you.
We loved our previous doctor but he couldn't help us get pregnant, so we made the switch after consulting with 8 doctors and found one that helped our dream come true!